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Karlovacka Travel on Driving through the Negev, not far from where the Jews wandered with Moses for 40 years, I see some of Sharon’s houses. All brick and stone, they rise like a mirage among the rocks and sand dunes of Yeroham, an old Bedouin settlement. With the recent influx, Yeroham has acquired a new vitality. Construction is booming, and once empty buildings are filling with olim, who have pushed the population from 5,000 to 6,000 in a year. The local ceramics factory and bottling plant are expanding to take on additional workers. Yehiel Hamu, a young Israeli who teaches math when he’s not working as Yeroham’s immigration coordinator, says the local citizens are happy to have new neighbors. There is no problem with the Russians here, says Hamu, noting that modern Yeroham was built in the 1950s largely by Jews from Eastern Europe. Karlovacka Travel 2016.

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