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Karachi Map Tourist Attractions on Watching over the never-ending drug binges and sex orgies was Gregory DeWitt Diles, Nash’s 6′ 3 black bodyguard whose doglike devotion to his employer had earned him a place at the party. Born in 1948, 123 Holmes Diles was a twice convicted felon who entered into street legend after he once chased a patron out of the Kit Kat Club and emptied his gun into the man’s car across six lanes of traffic in broad daylight. A karate specialist, the thug’s weapon of choice was either a baseball bat or a lead pipe outfitted with a plastic bicycle grip for better handling. Eddie Nash loved hanging out with celebrities, although only fringe ones like Liberace’s ex-lover Scott Thorson could risk any association with him. Thorson reportedly became a drug addict after undergoing a series of painful plastic sur – geries designed to make him look more like his lover. When the dope sick King of Porn showed up on his doorstep looking to score, Nash was thrilled. Nash consumed porn like others gobbled breath mints and was known to have invested in sex films and leased office space to the industry. Karachi Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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