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Kapisa Travel on But it did not stop. His hand explored my private parts too. 1 remember resenting, disliking itwhat is the word for so dumb and mixed a feeling? It must have been strong, since l still recaIl it. This seems to show that a feeling about certain parts of the body; how they must not be touched; how it is wrong to allow them to be touched; must be instinctive. It proves that Virginia Stephen was not born on the 2sth January 1882, but was born many thousands of years ago; and had from the very first to encounter instincts already acquired by thousands of ancestresses in the past. (ME, 69) 1 find reading this passage moving. 1 include in what moves me the adult Woolf’s cool distancing of the private sexual invasion by universalizing it. Kapisa Travel 2016.

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