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Kankan Travel on 2001). As originally elaborated, the concept describes the shift of international production from developed to less developed countries as the result of a fragmentation of production in which different phases of production are undertaken in different countries, often by the same firm. Facilitated by changes in transport and communications technology, the implications of this new international division of labor are an increase of manufacturing in less developed countries, the deindustrialization of developed nations, the decentralization of production and centralization of control, and intensified competition in product and labor markets. In many ways, the notion of a new international division of labor is a continuation of dependency theory because it posits that the partial development of export-oriented manufacturing in less developed countries will keep them dependent on the wealthier parts of the world. The theory thus not only assumes the superposition of the frontiers of capital and international borders, it also maintains a strong commitment to an analysis that works through core-periphery binaries. Perhaps this became clearest with the extension of the concept to discuss peripheral Fordism (Lipietz 1986), a proposition that implies the corehas actually shed its former methods of production and.exported them to developing countries. Kankan Travel 2016.

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