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Kampong Chhnang Travel on The boys return home to dreams that could never again be entirely safe. Though Carl Barrington is a fantasy, a phantom, he is made of bits and pieces of excluded words, images, possibilities that survive in Postmodern Communities in Pynchon and Cervantes 281 the social junkyard outside the safe enclosure of the community. The boys have experienced and have become self-consciously aware of the reality of race relations in the United States both through their encounter with a victim of segregation, Carl McAfee, and through their witnessing of the rank racial prejudices and terror of their parents. Their secret integration, in its acceptance of Carl Barrington and spontaneous loving-kindness toward him, offers both the boys and the reader a model of the democracy to come, beyond race segregation and race prejudice. That is the goal toward which we aIl should work and toward which Pynchon’s story, in its own way, works. Even though Carl is an ideal construct, he is made of latent possibilities of amelioration still surviving at the edges of the community. The Civil Rights Movement and aIl the desegregation legislation and court decisions that followed have made the situation much better in the United States, though by no means yet perfect. Kampong Chhnang Travel 2016.

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