Kampala Map

Kampala Map

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Kampala Map on The deification of the fertile earth was a familiar conception to the Greeks (cf. pp. 54 ff. above), and it is unlikely that a clear distinction such as that suggested by Nilsson was consistently present to their minds. No doubt Demeter at Eleusis was thought of pre-eminently as the giver of the com, not however because she was nothing else but because that was her most important function. This impression is strengthened by the knowledge that she is likely to have been in origin a local manifestation of the primeval goddess of the land (rechristened by the Greeks with the title mother in their own language), for as we have seen many times already, such evidence as we have concerning the religion of the pre-Greek peoples of the Aegean basin suggests the widespread worship of a goddess who was regarded as the mother of all life, vegetable and animal. Cf. Kampala Map 2016.

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