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Kaluzhskaya Travel on We know that border zones are at the same time contact and translation zones (Apter 2006; Pratt 2008). We also know that they are no longer found only at territorial edges of states and regions. Struggles developing in and around these zones therefore become even more crucial for an investigation of the possible spaces of the common. In Struggle for the Common In this chapter we have examined the complex feedback between the common and the commons from a variety of angles. This has meant positioning ourselves with respect to previous arguments about the common, com- mons, common goods, and the public and the private offered by thinkers such as Hardt and Negri (2009), Dyer-Witheford (2006), and Mattei (2011). It has also involved a critical engagement with works by Laclau and Mouffe and Gibson-Graham. To tell the truth, these critiques are not hard to write. Kaluzhskaya Travel 2016.

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