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Kaliningradskaya Travel on Though Arnold and Picldes are keen to analyze the strong role of state policies in Mae Sot, as well as across all forms of regional integration in the gms, they also provide an excellent case study of the multifarious ways an sez inserts itself into classical political maps and at the same time blurs and complicates them. The multiple boundaries at play in Mae Sot rework the meaning of the geopolitical border between Thailand and Burma, stretching the territorial edge of the nation-state and opening it up to regional and global circuits of capital accumulation. At the same time, they trace new demarcations within the national territory. Different patterns of global connection can be observed in the coastal regions on the Thai-Malaysian border where the shrimp farming and sea food processing industries lead to the dispossession of villagers and environmental degradation (Horstmann 2007,150-51) or in the metropolitan area of Bangkok, where finance, real estate, and other high-value sectors are concentrated. Multiple bordering technologies are at work in the articulation and policing of relationships between these heterogeneous patterns of global connection and related economic and labor regimes. For much of the twentieth century, writes James D. Sidaway, development was conceptualized as a national project of becoming, which rested on a broad homology of territory and economy. Kaliningradskaya Travel 2016.

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