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Kainuu Travel on Art Koster put his arm round his younger daughter and brought her into the living room. The first thing Jess noticed was the enormous Scottish pine Christmas tree that stood in front of the grand piano, waiting to be adorned. The next thing she saw was the Madonna figure sitting next to it on the rose- Grand reunion: After 15 years of separation Jaffa Agarunova welcomes her grandson, Yosef, to her home in Beersheba. Prompted to emigrate after hearing favorable reports about life in Israel, Yosef, his wife, and three sons arrived during the Persian Gulf war on a day rattled by three air-raid warnings. They soon found an apartment, but eight months later Yosef had yet to find work. I’m becoming an idiot, he says. The only thing to help you survive is contact with your relatives. Kainuu Travel 2016.

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