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Kabardino Balkariya Travel on Pop. Rel. 8.) We know at any rate on the authority of Cornutus (first century a.d.) that anything picked up on the road was likely to be appropriated by the finder with the saying Kotvo? ‘Eppijs. (TheoL xvi, 24, Lang. Kabardino Balkariya Travel 2016.

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The disparity in resources of children in the wealthiest and poorest families raises social scientists fears of a two-track childhood for American children with one track living with well-educated parents with good jobs and incomes, in stable marriages, and the other track living with parents with less education, less stable marriages, less income, and greater stress levels that decrease children’s physical and psychological well-being. Further, British epidemiologists Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett found that countries like Britain and the United States with the greatest income inequality have higher rates of violent crime, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies, and physical illness, as well as shorter lifespans than those countries with greater equality. Income inequality affects the well-being not only of the poorest within a country as would be anticipated, but it also affects the well-being of the wealthiest individuals. Those individuals with the lowest status in a greater equality country like Sweden have lower death rates than the wealthiest segments of the population in England and Wales, countries of great inequality. Why does inequality in a country have such devastating effects? Wilkinson and Pickett believe that we are social creatures, sensitive to social hierarchies, and low status arouses feelings of inferiority that, in turn, create stress, especially for those with the fewest resources.

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