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“There is something for everyone to do in the church, as St Paul says, and we are encouraged to find out what that is. “We have someone who has MND and has lost the power of speech, but every week he produces the service sheet intimations from his laptop with deadly accuracy. “My daughter has learning difficulties, but please don’t tell her – she volunteered for training in leading worship, and came back with a folder of prayers. “She dreams up fundraising ideas and then phones the Session Clerk and gets his help to reach a successful conclusion.

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“Her latest idea was to start a Prospects Group ( worship group for people with Learning Difficulties) and with her Mum’s help this time, along with a team (and Session Clerk’s support!) we have just finished our first year. “Since removing the pews 12 years ago we have seen an increase in flexibility and accessibility in more than the seating.

“There’s a weekly pram service that gets infants into the church habit. “As well as a Junior Church, we have several youth groups for teenagers to pass through, and we support a Christian Youth Worker in the local school. “All this helps to keep Church accessible. “One Sunday afternoon, we filled the church with tables set for tea and invited over 60 old folk, who live on their own, for a concert of songs of the 30s/40s with a live band and delicious home baking. “We try to be a church for all.”

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