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Jundubah Travel on D. Ltd., 1985); CIA World Factbook (2002); Barbara Jelavich, Modern Austria: Empire and Republic, 1815–1986 (Cambridge University Press, 2003). S.J. RUBEL, J.D. Jundubah Travel 2016.

Children on holiday in working-class and poor families had advantages at home in the sense they were less pressured and scheduled to attend lessons and activities. These children had more time for free play and often had much closer relationships with family members and cousins than children of the middle class. Still, these children longed to have lessons and trips. The real disadvantages of working-class and poor families came in their lack of self-confidence as they moved outside the home. Many parents felt they did not meet the expectations of middle-class teachers and doctors, and some feared more severe criticism that might remove children from the home for failure to meet middle-class standards of discipline and punishment.

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