The husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus, according to the New Testament Gospels, although in Matthew and Luke he is referred to as having only been betrothed to Mary at the time when Jesus was born, which might be read as engaged. Matthew also notes that he worked as a carpenter. For most Christians, Joseph cannot properly be referred to as the father of Jesus, but only as the husband of Mary and the guardian of the young Jesus. SEE ALSO: Jesus of Nazareth; Mary Canvas covers soon rot and need replacing at regular intervals. I think the main reason I enjoyed canvas-work is that it made me feel that I was on some old-time sailing ship. There was something about sitting in the open air on the foredeck – canvas spread over my knees, stitching away with a big fat needle which I pushed through the canvas using a leather palm attachment – that carried me back in time. The thread was hempen line that I had run through a block of beeswax beforehand to make it water-resistant. Unlike the more social work of splicing, canvas stitching requires careful concentration to keep the line of stitches true.

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