Johannesburg East Rand Metro Map

Johannesburg/East Rand Metro Map on 2 Before we address the exit on the long a??ve bar 9 , let us consider the price action up to that point. Clearly, this market was in ranging mode. Should we have wrapped a box around it, the top barrier may have been plotted across the high of bar 1 (ignoring the false high at 3), and the bottom barrier beneath the low of bar 2 . Take specific note of the failed bull break above bar 5. Not only was this a continuation attempt in the highs of a range, progression 3-5 was an awfully small flag compared to the pole from which it hung (2-3) ; and the trade suffered Chapter 6 Manual Exits – Resistance Exit strong risk of the adverse magnet to boot. A poor break indeed. More interesting was the 6-9 buildup in the middle of the range. Johannesburg/East Rand Metro Map 2016.

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