Jerusalem Map

Free Facts Jerusalem
Free Countries Jerusalem Map: Israel
Free Jerusalem Map States: Jerusalem
Found to Jerusalem Map: 2800 BC
Free Jerusalem Map and Area: 125.156 km2
Free Jerusalem Map and Population: 910300
Free Jerusalem Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 31°47′N35°13′E
Free Time Zone of Jerusalem Map: UTC+2
Free Jerusalem Map And Codes: overseas dialing +972-2; local dialing 02
Free Languages of Jerusalem Map: Hebrew, Arabic
Free Religions of Jerusalem Map: Jews, Christians, Muslims and Baha’is
Free Interesting places of Jerusalem Map: The Israel Museum, Yad Vashem, The Garden Tomb, The Biblical Zoo, Yemin Moshe, The Armenian Cathedral and Museum, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, The Temple Mount, Al-Aqsa Mosque (The Far Mosque, Qubbat Al-Sakhra (Dome of the Rock), Temple Mount, Syriac Church, Maronite Church, Jewish quarter in the Old City, Via Dolorosa, Zion Mountain, Mount of Olives, The Tower of David

Jerusalem Map on Its silver and gold became the basis for a Near Eastern trading system where Eblaite merchants coordinated the flow of goods from Egypt, Cyprus, Sumer, and Elam. The city-states of Syria/Mesopotamia soon began to battle for hegemony in which Ebla lost out to more militaristic states such as Kish. The region exploded in a series of ferocious wars. The need for copper and tin to equip chariots, axes, swords, spears, daggers, shields, and arrows further stimulated commercial development. These metals were not found in Sumer so they were obtained through trading networks able to absorb the risks involved in long-distance trade. Timber and stone were also imported. Thus, Sumer, by 2600 B. Jerusalem Map 2016.

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