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Jelgavas Novads Travel on We have said many times that borders connect and divide. Our discussions have shown that, in so doing, they also establish relations, which is to say that they create politically charged and highly contingent forms of sociality and vulnerability. To recognize that borders perform this work and that processes of sharing always involve moments of division is not to claim that borders enable or create the common. We do not adhere to a notion of a global or universal common, as sometimes imagined by the happier theorists of cosmopolitanism or global democracy. Nor do we subscribe to a version of the common that is strictly contained and subjected to the logics of border policing, as in the twentieth-century doctrine of socialism in one country or the multifarious attempts to protect the state and national communities from finance capital. However, we do not think that the fabrication of the common always and in all circumstances requires or can effect the elimination of borders. Borders will continue to cross the common. Jelgavas Novads Travel 2016.

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