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Jeddah Subway Map on Village Voice, 44(27) ( July 7?13, 1999):51?52. Big Lurch (M) On April 10, 2002, a naked black man, his mouth, chest and abdomen smeared with blood, was arrested running down a street in southeast Los Angeles. Antron Singleton, a 27-year-old gangsta rapper known as Big Lurch, was charged with murder after police found the grisly remains of his roommate Tynisha Ysais, 21, in their nearby second-floor apartment at West 108th and South Figueroa streets. Ysais’ neck and jaw were broken, an eye socket fractured, her chest hacked open and a lung removed and partially eaten. Bite marks on her face matched Singleton’s teeth and pieces of her lung were found in the rapper’s stomach. Singleton pled innocent by reason of insanity to charges of capital murder arguing he was high on PCP, a psychedelic drug known for giving it users superhuman strength and paranoid delusions, at the time of the incident. Under California state law, however, a defendant is barred from using an insanity defense if the mental illness is drug-induced or caused by drug addiction. Jeddah Subway Map 2016.

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