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Yared, the collection of responsories mawase’et and hymns meraf; particular honor is also enjoyed by the Books of Hours, the Praises of Mary weddase maryam and the Miracles of Mary Ta’amera maryam. The Ethiopians follow the Julian calendar; the year is divided into 13 months, 12 of 30 days and one of 5-6 days, and is 7-8 years behind the Gregorian calendar 1974 EE = AD 19812. Jeddah Subway Map The most important feasts are those of Our Lord incarnation, circumcision, epiphany, presentation in the temple, sojourn in Egypt, miracle of Cana, transfiguration, Jeddah Subway Map passion, resurrection, appearance to Thomas, ascension, Pentecost, finding and exaltation of the cross; then follow the 32 annual festivals in honor of Mary, to whom a most tender devotion is offered; besides the apostles, particular veneration is given to the OT saints and to the angels, Jeddah Subway Map particularly Mi- chael, Gabriel and Raphael. Worthy of particular note are the long and rigorous fasts. Chant and sacred music, unrelated to those of other Christian churches, are often accompanied by dances and executed to the accompaniment of drums, sistra and ceremonial batons.

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