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Jeddah Metro Map on Jackson’s collaborations with arranger Quincy Jones (Off the Wall, 1979; Thriller, 1982; Bad, 1987) changed the face of popular music by fusing soul, disco, and pop ballads into albums that appealed not only to fans of the various genres, but also to people who never traditionally purchased music. Thriller, the best selling album of all-time, has to date sold an estimated 53 million units while at the time of its release destroyed conventional industry wisdom that dictated only one or two songs on a record could be spun off as singles. Seven of the album’s nine tracks entered the Top Ten and Thriller stayed on the charts for over two years enjoying 37 weeks at Number 1. The album, however, did more than sell a ton of records and earn the superstar a record eight Grammys in one Jackson 136 night. Jackson realized before any of his contemporaries the power MTV possessed to promote his music to a diverse audience. Instead of offering a bland three minute presentation in which he sang the song and danced a little, Jackson expanded the music video into mini-films with elaborate production values and huge budgets. The video for the single Thriller (directed by John Landis) ran 15 minutes and featured a story replete with Vincent Price narration, beautifully choreographed zombies, and motion picture quality make-up. Jeddah Metro Map 2016.

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