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Jarva Travel on And sit up straight in the chair. Rick Ferguson pushed his body up into something vaguely resembling a sitting position though he kept his legs wide apart. His long hair hung loose to his shoulders. Absently, he reached up to flick it behind his ears.

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Jess noted the presence of an earring in his left ear. Is that new? She asked, pointing to the small gold loop. How observant you are, Jess, Ferguson remarked.

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The Old Man knew the local dignitary, the senior tribal chief I believe, who was in charge of part of the ceremony. He invited us to his house that evening to watch the dancing that was to be put on for the princess. His house was a large wooden structure that was open to the elements in many places.

I had been under the impression that we were going to be fed and hadn’t eaten since lunchtime, although this proved a mistake because there was nothing to eat beyond bowls of peanuts. The dancing was enchanting, several young girls in grass skirts and garlands of flowers, swaying gently to murmured commands from the chief and a few elders.

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