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CHRONOGRAPHY CHRONOLOGY. The term chronography designates a historical narration in chronological order and, more rarely, the study of chronology. Chronology indicates 1 the discipline that considers historical events in their temporal relations and seeks to fix their exact position in the sequence of time, 2 the temporal order in which particular facts happen, and 3 a work that recounts events using the criterion of temporal succession.

To discern the meanings of these two words in modern languages will help us to better understand the way in which the Christians of the first centuries saw both the order and the doctrine of time. Japan Map Tourist Attractions Among the oldest evidence is that of Theophilus of Antioch. In book 3 of Ad Autolycum 24-28, written soon after 180, the author, following the method of Jewish apologists, aims to demonstrate the antiquity of the Christian religion and esp. of the sacred books received from the synagogue.

To this end he expounds a chronology of world history from creation to the death of Marcus Aurelius 180, over an arc of time calculated as 5695 years, 6 months and 15 days. For the Christian point of view, Sextus Julius Africanus’s five books of Chronicles Cronografi,ai, written after 221 and surviving only in fragments, must have been of great importance. In them, biblical events and events from Greek and Jewish history were arranged in parallel, from the creation to the fourth year of Heliogabalus 221.

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