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Janub Sina Travel on The extended account of what drives Decoud to suicide is one of the most powerfully dramatic episodes in Nostromo. As the narrator says, Decoud is killed by solitude. As day follows day and he is stillieft alone with the silver on the Great Isabel, eating little and sleeping almost not at aIl, Decoud loses aIl sense ofhis individuality and aIl sense of the reality of Sulaco affairs, even of his love for Antonia. Language ceases to have meaning and becomes a senseless material sound. Nothing is left but what the narrator sometimes, in fulfiIlment of Conrad’s impressionist commitment, wants the reader to believe is aIl that is really there, pure meaningless sensations. The usual sense of one’s individuality, Conrad is showing, depends on being an active part of a community: Solitude from mere outward condition of existence becomes very swiftly a state of soul in which the affectations of irony and skepticism have no place. lt takes possession of the mind, and drives forth the thought into the exile of utter unbelief After three days ofwaiting for the sight of sorne human face, Decoud caught himself entertaining a doubt of his own individuality. Janub Sina Travel 2016.

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