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Jamtland Travel on Special ceremonies were involved, which Apollo could prescribe and administer. For Aristinos case they Excavation at Epidauros and Athens has given us a wealth of information about the methods whereby cures were effected, bringing us into touch with the ordinary mind of ancient Greece in that fascinatingly direct way which is the peculiar gift of epigraphy. The inscriptions recording the cures do not go back beyond the second half of the fourth or beginning of the third century, but there is no reason for thinking that anything had changed since the days of Sophocles and Aristophanes. Nevertheless we can draw also on a source of more strictly classical date for our knowledge of what went on, none other indeed than Aristophanes himself. The Plutos > his last comedy (produced in 388), describes the procedure in some detail. This play tells how an old man called Chremylos, having lived justly all his life, is disturbed by the way in which the good things of the world seem to get into the hands of the wicked, while really deserving folk like himself and his friends end their days in poverty. The Delphic oracle puts him in touch with Plutos the god of wealth, and Plutos explains how such a state of things has come about. Jamtland Travel 2016.

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