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Jalisco Travel on 2011; Mometti and Ricciardi 2011). In all of these struggles and many more like them, the capacities and attitudes embodied in labor power are complexly crossed with the production of subjectivity at work in the bordering of the figures of the citizen and the legal personality. It is not a matter of the intensities involved in these struggles attempting to fuse these figures into a single body, whether individual or collective. Rather, the very force that at once separates and holds together these diversely bordered figures brings them into a relation that cannot be grasped from the theoretical perspective of articulation. To understand these relations as well as the political potentialities inherent in them, it is necessary to turn to the question of translation, a concept we elaborate on in the next section, stressing its material dimensions beyond any linguistic or even cultural reductionism. The Labor of Translation In 1921 Ilich, in dealing with organizational questions, wrote and said (more or less) thus: we have not known how to translate’ our language into the European languages (Gramsci 1995, 306). Referring to Vladimir Ilich Lenin as Ilich, a practice adopted by Antonio Gramsci in his Prison Notebooks to evade fascist surveillance, this passage. Jalisco Travel 2016.

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