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Some ethical concepts persist throughout the patristic period. Free will is defended against gnostic and Manichean determinism, but perfect freedom is found only in God, and the person strives to reach freedom through the grace of God. Justice becomes insistence on harmonious order, and the notion of natural law emerges. Love remains central, Jakarta Subway Map except in Lactantius, whose ideal is expressed by the concepts humanitas and innocentia. Love becomes more mystical and spiritual. Martyrdom remains the ideal of the Christian’s moral progress and, when martyrdom is no longer possible, ascesis grows in importance. Jakarta Subway Map The call to deny the world is strong, even if mitigated by the risk of a heretical dualism. In all the variety and confusion, following Christ remains the main task; assimilation to God, imitation of Christ, Jakarta Subway Map participation in God all represent the individual ways by which the ancient Fathers joined together justice and love.

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