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Jabal Lubnan Travel on The gods may criticize each other, and do so freely. Similarly Achilles may tell Agamemnon his opinion of him in no measured terms; but let Thersitcs, one of lower rank, try to do the same, and his ears are ignominiously boxed. It is not suggested that Agamemnon did not deserve the criticism, but it was not for such as Thersites to give it. It is in this matter of rank, prestige and power that gods and men are so sharply divided. Herodotus makes Solon say: I know that deity is full of envy and unstableness,3 and the words carry no suggestion of impiety. They arc a statement of a fact that was generally recognized. The surest way to arouse the jealousy of the gods was fjLTj OvTjTCL povlvy to forget your mortality. Jabal Lubnan Travel 2016.

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