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Ivanovskaya Travel on Publice mysteria celebrant, said one critic. They were even accused of ritual murder (like that carried out under the influence of Dionysos by the daughters of Minyas, who cast lots and slew the son of one of them): dicunt enim eos de infantis 1 The modem Turk’s claim to be autochthonous in Anatolia is probably more nearly justified than most of such nationalistic ideas. What he does not seem to see is that in arguing for his racial identity with the Hittites and earlier inhabitants he is arguing that the Turk has ceased to exist; for the Turk, who brought the Turkish language to Anatolia, is undoubtedly a very late comer in the series of invaders, whose arrival is no earlier than the middle ages. i.e. the inhabitants of Asia Minor, known to the Moslem world as the land of Rum (Rome). Jelal himself had come from Persia, and acquired his surname of Rumi by the fact of his settling in Konya. Ivanovskaya Travel 2016.

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