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The following (in alphabetical order) are a few of the more intriguing companies listed on the Italian exchanges. By no means does this list represent picks from an analyst or an adviser; they are merely commonly known facts about some of the biggest names in Italian business. Milan's Stock Exchange building, Palazzo della Borsa.


Controlled by the Benetton family and headquartered in the Veneto, Autogrill is the world's leader in providing quick, quality food to travelers. You'll see the trademark red A all over airports in Italy and other parts of Europe, and ubiquitously on Italian autostrade.

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It helps that the Benettons also operate two-thirds of those highways.


The Piedmont-based maker of this famously bitter aperitif went public in 2001 but is still familycontrolled. The little red bottles first appeared in 1860 and have grown steadily in popularity since. In addition to its own brand and its sister bitter, Aperol, Campari also owns Wild Turkey, Cinzano, Skyy Vodka, and Tullamore Dew.


Italy's energy giant regularly makes headlines by forging inroads into the East, buying large stakes in Russian upstream assets and jointly building pipelines across Europe to get that natural gas to Italy. Aside from its oil and gas components, Eni is also involved in power generation, engineering, and oil field services.


Founded in 1899 and still overseen by the Agnelli family, this is the country's largest employer and a national symbol. Fiat turned its fortunes around under CEO Sergio Marchionne, switching to a cadre of smaller cars and its successful revival of Chrysler. It can also rely on its host of sportier brands: Alfa Romeo, Maserati, and, of course, Ferrari.

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In the Company of Angels - Italy - Voyages Jules Verne

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