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Italy Subway Map on A fellow one-time cast member in Beginner’s Luck, also cleared by police, had threatened Crane a few months earlier. Still, Carpenter seemed the most likely suspect to the SPD, especially after Robert Crane, Jr. told them his dad had recently intimated to him that the video equipment dealer was becoming a bit of a pain in the ass. According to Crane’s eldest son, My dad expressed that he just didn’t need Carpenter kind of hanging around him anymore. Another red flag to the SPD the fact Carpenter had not, as usual, bunked with Crane in his two-bedroom apartment pointed to a possible rift between the men. The actor’s recent unease with Carpenter was underscored by the testimony of a waitress who saw the two men together in a restaurant the night before the murder. While they did not argue, there did appear to be a palpable tension between them. Italy Subway Map 2016.

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