Italy: Post Offices And Couriers

In the end, anything is better than relying on the Italian mail, which perhaps needs no introduction. To be fair, the postal service has made huge strides since 2010. Its priority mail, which costs €0.62 for a standard letter, really does deliver nationally in fewer than three days”most of the time, at least. Sending a standard letter to the United States through the postal system costs €0.77, though it’s still anyone’s guess as to when it will arrive. Prices reach €16 for a four-pound package. a mailbox in Vatican City That same package will cost about €70 using DHL or €95 with Federal Express, the two most widely used international couriers in Italy, though they are certainly much quicker and more reliable than the regular mail. Both will pick up and deliver to your door. One important thing to remember when shipping packages to Italy”and declaring the value”is the 20 percent import duty. That adds up to a lot on a US$2,000 computer, for example. To avoid any misunderstandings with customs, it’s best to bring expensive items on the plane.

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