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R. Lavenant II. Archaeology. According to the Doctrine of Addai, a portrait of Jesus was painted at Edessa for the king Abgar. This seems to be something different from the acheiropoietos spoken of by Evagrius HE 4,17, held in great esteem for having saved the city from the siege of Chosroes 544; it was later taken to Constantinople. Italy Metro Map The Chronicle of Edessa CSCO SS Syri I, 1903, 1-13; II, 1-11 lists numerous Christian buildings, including the church of St. Thomas visited by Egeria in ca. 380. The cathedral was built between 312 and 323 near the springs at the foot of the town; destroyed by a flood, it was rebuilt by the emperor Justinian. It was described by a liturgical hymn, sung during its consecration. Italy Metro Map There were also many Christian churches of various confessions Nestorian, monophysite, Maronite; nothing remains of any of these buildings. Many mosaic floors have been discovered, but so far no Christian subjects. Italy Metro Map The same goes for sculpture. Only some inscriptions attest local Christianity Devreesse, Patriarcat d’Antioche, 293-294.

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