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Italy Country on Mr Crawley was known to be a man not easy of persuasion, with a will ofhis own, with a great energy of obstinacy on points which he chose to take up as being of importance to his calling, or to his own professional status. He had pleaded his own cause before the magistrates, and it might be that he would insist on doing the same thing before the judge (103). Will of his own here is a synonym for stubbornness, for obstinately holding one’s own, as in the narrator’s description of Lily Dale’s behavior after she has been jilted by Adolphus Crosbie: But she had been very strong, stout at heart, of a fixed purpose, and capable of resistance against oppression. Even her own mother had been astonished, and sometimes almost dismayed, by the strength ofher will (160). ANOTHER BLACK HOLE Several other story lines in The Last Chronicle ofBarset can be seen as commentaries on Grace Crawley’s love story, or as analogies for iL ‘The reader will remember that Trollope says that in a good novel aIl must be unified, the story aIl one, though he aIlows for subsidiary stories that contribute to the understanding of the chief story line. l daim that the unit y of The Last Chronicle of Barset lies not in one story line, with analogons subplots, but in a series of stories about those exemplary black holes l have mentioned. These stories echo one another. Italy Country 2016.

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