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Israel Subway Map on Points of interest: Telling by the slope of the 25ema on the far left, the UK Open had brought prices down to the 50-level, from where they were eagerly run up all the way to the round number above ( 1 -3). But as we know, this kind of development does not sit well with immediate continuation. Both flag break entries, in bar 4 and above it, were of poor quality anyway (far removed from the 25ema magnet) . The pattern break pullback offer above bar 5 indicated bullish persistence, but this is one such wager best accepted only if manual intervention is part of operating tactics. Should prices start to falter in the round number again, this could induce a serious wave of selling. Thus, by intending to scratch the trade if necessary, a bull could possibly save himself a full stop-out. Put differently, when pondering on whether to accept an offer of somewhat lesser quality, flexibility in exit technique can have a say in things. Israel Subway Map 2016.

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