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Isabel Travel on 32, n. 1 above). The dissertation of A. Rupp, Die Beziehungen des Dionysoskultes zur Thrakien und zur Kleinasien (Programm, Stuttgart, 1882), is described by Nilsson (in 1927) as still the best on the subject. purely Cretan daemons who according to the legend drowned the infant’s cries by their war-like dancing and clashing of arms.1 For the Greek of Euripides day, Kuretes and Korybantes are identified, and both are brought into close connexion with the Satyrs, who were the peculiar attendants of Dionysos. Thus Phrygian and Bacchic religion are intermingled with Rhea and the birth of the Cretan Zeus in one gloriously catholic stanza:2 O cave of the Kuretes and sacred haunts of Crete, birth-place of Zeus> where the Korybantes triple-helmed invented in thy grottoes this my circlet of stretched hide. Isabel Travel 2016.

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