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Info on hawaii on (V) Guitarist Rudebeck and bass player, Brian Smith, formed the St. Louis?based blue-eyed soul band Mind Over Soul (a.k.a. Mindoversoul), in mid?1995. The band mixed original compositions with covers and released one CD, ’00. On the evening of January 24, 2000, Rudebeck, 26, was clerking at the Sunshine Daydream shop at 6604a Delmar Boulevard in the University City Loop section of metropolitan St. Info on hawaii 2016.

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We didn’t stay long in any of the ports – two or three days at most – and by the time we arrived in Genoa we were feeling the effects of a busy trip. Hamburg was renowned for its undiluted hedonism. The Reeperbahn was the wide street in the St Pauli red light district holding top spot out of all the European ports for a wicked no-holds-barred night out. There were numerous sex shows held in dimly lit auditoriums off the main streets, the crowd were a mix of baying fools and those who squirmed with drunken embarrassment. We were in the first category; we visited a show that was hilarious, the man looked determined, pumping away with mechanical German efficiency, the women looked bored to death.

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