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India Map on By contrast, the relation of translation that we find crucial to the composition of the common involves a constant feedback of the energies and struggles involved in the building of commons. The material constitution of the common cannot be assimilated to the logic of the universal and particular. This is why we can speak of translating the common, which is not only to point to how it produces commons but also to mark how it simultaneously connects and divides the singularities that constitute it. Bordering the Common We repeat the question we asked at the beginning of this chapter: what is the relation between the common and borders? To answer this question, we find it first necessary to take stock of the constitutive role played by the tracing of multiple lines of demarcation and bordering in the destruction of the commons and the formation of the public and private spheres, which continue to shape the political imagination and legal developments in the present. It is not necessary to go into the controversies surrounding Marx and Friedrich Engels’s notion of a primitive communism to understand how the common has become both a marker of the original condition of humankind and a radical challenge for legal and political theory. The idea that All Things . . India Map 2016.

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