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Ilzkstes Novads Travel on It is indeed extraordinary how through the staccato jottings (for they cannot be otherwise described) in which the attributes of God are set down in book Lambda of the Metaphysics, Aristotle succeeds in expressing, and even communicating, a sense of warmth and enthusiasm. He even seems anxious to concede all the attributes popularly associated with divinity which are not inconsistent with his premisses, though never forgetting that he is a philosopher and that his deity must be one worthy of philosophers, which for him means rational thinkers. God, he says, lives a life which is comparable to the best life which men can enjoy for a short time. In men the element of matter or unrealized potentiality soon mars its enjoyment with fatigue, but God being all activity cannot feel fatigue. Of what then does his activity consist? He is engaged in eternal thought. In one of the lapidary phrases which are our rare compensation for possessing only the notebooks of Aristotle and not his published works, he sums up the philosopher’s creed: rj yap vov cVpyeia £corj the highest and truest activity of life is the exercise of the mind. Nous is life in its highest manifestation. Ilzkstes Novads Travel 2016.

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