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Ile de France Travel on Our focus is on the intensity of struggles surrounding the proliferation of borders, within which the refusal to abide the dictates of the border is an everyday occurrence. We valorize No Border for the political spaces it has opened while we note that the radical activity surrounding its networks has now mutated into projects that tend to attract different labels. It is precisely what many critics of No Border regard as utopian or romantic that we understand to be its most valuable aspect, since the elimination of borders realistically corresponds to the desires and practices underlying a multitude of border struggles. The problem is how to stitch such refusals and practices of desire into a wider program for the construction of the common. ~ Although we have expressed reservations about some of the more nor-matively inflected versions of No Border politics, we do not propose that normative arrangements have no relevance for the approach of border as method. As we mentioned, political philosophy itself has been increasingly compelled to come to terms with the politicization of the issues surrounding borders and the fluctuation of their legitimacy. In his book Philosophies of Exclusion, Philip Cole has proposed a detailed criticism of the series of asymmetrical arguments (that is, arguments based on a radical asymmetry between the position of members and foreigners, of insiders and outsiders) developed by the liberal theory of justice to overcome its unease before the exclusionary function of the border (Cole 2000,53-55)- One way to explain this embarrassment of liberal theory is to recall the intertwining of territorial borders and anthropological boundaries that, following Balibar, we earlier identified as constitutive for the figures of the citizen and legal person as well as for their articulation with money and labor power. Ile de France Travel 2016.

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