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Idrija Travel on The greater achievement is to find common ground with these intellectual and political projects. This is why we have tried to show what we share with these thinkers while we demonstrate what divides us from them. It is probably a good thing that struggles against the privatization of water in Bolivia and Italy or fights against the appropriation of land in India do not turn around esoteric questions such as whether the ontology of the common is constituted by an excess or a lack. Nonetheless, the question of how we translate between multifarious and heterogeneous struggles and attempts to build the commons is at the heart of the approaches to the common we have considered. Border struggles are prominent among struggles to establish and maintain commons, because the latter necessarily face questions of limitation, space, scale, and capital. Especially in cases where border struggles press the question of what constitutes territory or jurisdiction, they pose a strong challenge to understandings and practices of the common predicated on the appeal to an already existing and forever bound community. Independently of the sophisticated theoretical debates surrounding the notion of community, it is important to note that the invocation of community can be incredibly enabling for social and political struggles. Idrija Travel 2016.

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