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Ica Travel on But to ask them from the perspective of the common is to add a new dimension. More than ten years ago, Hardt and Negri provocatively characterized the most radical and powerful struggles of the final years of the twentieth century as incommunicable. By this they meant that these struggles could not be linked together as a globally expanding chain of revolts because the desires and needs they expressed could not be translated into different contexts (Hardt and Negri 2000, 54). Although many attempts were made to address this problem of translation ”for instance, in the context of the World Social Forums that started in Porto Alegre in 2001”the encounter with the untranslatable that invested these efforts was never avoided or overcome. At stake, to recall the invocation of Lenin by Gramsci that we mentioned in the previous chapter, was not the translatability of languages but the deep rooting of struggles in heterogeneous material networks and settings. Here we should be clear that heterogeneity does not simply mean fragmentation. Rather, it points to a proliferation of struggles that can potentially be a source of strength. Ica Travel 2016.

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