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Hyderabad Metro Map on Trouble began when suspected gang members refused to be searched, and one pulled a gun and fired through the center’s glass doors at rival gang members. Cortez, in town to rap the message of non-violence, was struck in the back and killed. Friend and fellow-band member, Francisco Due?as, sustained a minor leg wound. Not surprisingly, only six of the more than 200 people attending the concert came forward to supply information about the shooting despite the $2,000 reward offered by the Salt Lake City Police Department. More than two years passed before the department identified 21-year-old gangbanger Issac Cirillio Gonzalez as its prime suspect based on information supplied 11 /2 years after the event by Mario Cortez, the victim’s cousin, who admitted returning gunfire during the shooting before fleeing the scene. Arrested, Gonzalez was initially charged with first-degree felony murder, but due to witness problems was allowed by prosecutors to plead guilty to a charge of third-degree felony homicide by assault. In February 1998, the gang member was sentenced from 0 to 5 years in prison with a consecutive 5 year gun enchancement term tacked on, and ordered to pay over $22,000 in restitution to the victim’s family. Hyderabad Metro Map 2016.

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