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Painting on moveable objects. The series of mummy portraits goes up to the early Christian era, but use of them was limited to followers of the old religions. For historical reasons we must rule out a continuation of the genre beyond the end of the 4th c. K. Parlasca, Hyderabad Map Tourist Attractions Mumienportr¤ts. The rare early Christian icons, like the portrait of Bishop Abrahan Berlin and the double image of Christ and Abbot Menas Paris may be considered a technical continuation of them. Besides the painted chests we have the unique example of the peacock sarcophagus of Qarara Heidelberg.

The early sources give this name to a long doctrinal text that the Eusebians delivered to Emperor Constans at Milan in 345 in order to mitigate his unfavorable impression of the rupture caused by the Council of Serdica. An elucidation of the Antiochene formula of 341, its approach to the Trinity is based on the articulation of the three divine prosopa the term hypostasis is avoided out of consideration for the Westerners, Hyderabad Map Tourist Attractions clearly distinct from each other.

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