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CALLINICUS of Pelusium. Bishop of Pelusium Egypt, follower of Melitius and enemy of Athanasius, whom he, with Ision of Athribis and Eudaemon of Tanis, accused of violence against Ischyras and unjust taxation of the Egyptians Athan., Ap. c. Arian. 60; Socr., HE I, 27 before Emperor Constantine. At Tyre 335 one of the charges against Athanasius was that he had deposed and maltreated Callinicus Soz., HE II, 25. Callinicus was present at the Council of Serdica 343. M. Simonetti, see index; A. Martin, Athanase d’Alexandrie et l’‰glise d’Egypte au IVe si¨cle 328-373, Rome 1996. CALLISTUS I, pope 217222. Of servile condition, after occupations scarcely honorable, at least according to Hippolytus of Rome his main biographical source: Haer. 9,1-12; 10,27, Pope Zephyrinus appointed him deacon of the cemetery on the Via Appia, now famous as the catacombs of St. Callisto. Elected bishop see Eusebius, HE 6,21,1-2, he intervened in current theological controversies, excommunicating Sabellius for heresy. Despite this clearly antimonarchian stance, Hippolytus accused him of being a patripassian himself. H¼bner, who stresses the similarities between Callistus’s trinitarian doctrine and that of Noetus, considers Hippolytus’s criticisms to be well founded. Hungary Metro Map Hippolytus also accused him of moral laxity, since he had too lightly readmitted to the community those guilty of indecency and had allowed marriages between noblewomen and slaves; in any case his position was an important step in the history of penitence. His refusal to depose clergy, perhaps guilty, is also of some interest. It is still disputed whether Callistus was the author of the Edictum peremptorium, mentioned by Tertullian Pud. 1, 6 cf. Brent, who defends his authorship. It is very probable, however, that he died a martyr. The Depositio martyrum of 354 puts his memoria on 14 October at Trastevere, where his tomb is still venerated.

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