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The mother of all campsite culinary classics.

The toasted cheese sandwich is one of the all time classic meals on the camping menu. Its all about simplicity of construction and readily available ingredients, plus the fact that is tastes bloody fantastic, which means it will always be a campfire favourite.

Even for those who might turn their noses up at such simple fare when dining at home, a piping hot cheese toastie is impossible to resist when whipped up around a campfire and served straight from the coals.

So how to improve on such a time proven classic? Add bacon and eggs, of course!

This delicious version of the toasted jaffle incorporates a couple of slices of crispy, pre-cooked bacon, as well as an extra slice of bread with a hole cut through the middle to make space for an egg which is cooked to perfection while your toastie is browned over the fi re.

If you do decide to whip up a batch of these next time you head bush, just make sure you’ve got plenty of ingredients on hand, as your campfire will suddenly be stormed by scavenging neighbours.


Three slices bread O One egg

Two slices shortcut bacon O A handful of shredded cheese

A squirt of tomato or barbeque sauce

1. Make a bed of coals from your campfire and preheat your toastie iron while cooking your bacon on both sides in a separate frypan

2. Punch a hole in one slice of bread using an egg ring, and butter one side of both slices of bread

3. Lay one slice of bread, butter down, in your toastie iron before placing the slice with the hole on top, forming a ‘nest’ for your egg

4. Crack your egg into the hole in the bread, then cover with a generous handful of shredded cheese

5. Place your two slices of bacon on top of the cheese and top with a squirt of tomato or barbeque sauce

6. Place your last slice of bread on top, buttered side facing up, close your toastie iron and secure with locking pin before placing in the coals to cook

7. Around five minutes in the coals should have your tasty treat cooked to a glorious golden brown 4WD

Building a 4WD for touring is a very personal journey. It isn’t just about whether you want the black or the grey bullbar. Your priorities are going to be vastly different from the next man’s, and your own will change over time.

From better, faster, harder to more comfortable, more wine bottle storage.every vehicle is the expression of its owner, never more so than with customised touring vehicles.

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