How to Join the Perfect Romantic Sunset Cruises in Koh Samui

So, you’re visiting one of the most beautiful places on earth, Koh Samui. Wondering how you can make the most of your time and have a romantic experience with your partner? If you’re looking for ambiance, romance, and something special to do in Koh Samui, look no further than a sunset cruise.

How to Join the Perfect Romantic Sunset Cruises in Koh Samui Photo Gallery

Joining a sunset cruise around Koh Samui is a once in a lifetime experience; watch the sunset over the water from a beautiful yacht. But how do you join one of these cruises? Here are some tips on signing up for the cruise and what to do when you’re on it.

• All cities with lots of tourists will have a tourist office. This is usually a small kiosk or stand that sells tickets to different shows and entrance tickets to museums and other attractions. You can usually buy a tourist pass which will provide you with discounts to almost everything you want to do in Koh Samui. You should check out the tourist office to see if they offer any romantic sunset cruises.
• Read reviews from other people who have taken the cruise line you’re looking at. Choosing a boat based on the personal experience of someone you trust is the best way to pick a cruise, but if you don’t know anyone locally, go online. Read reviews, reach out on your social media, and do your research. You want to make sure it’s the best possible sunset cruise available.

• Are you celebrating an anniversary? Or maybe you’re going to be proposing to the love of your life. Both celebrations are excellent reasons to sign up for an evening cruise. Romantic sunset cruises in Koh Samui have been the setting for many proposals, anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Days. Consider planning a special occasion for your cruise; let the cruise line know in advance so that they can make it extra special for you.

• Book online! Everything is online these days; simply go to the cruise line’s website and select the date you want. Pay online and present the tickets on your cell phone when you get to the boat. Their websites are built for your convenience and usability.

• Dress for the weather. Koh Samui’s climate is generally quite warm and tropical. However, at night and at sea it can get a little chilly. Consider bringing a jacket or a pair of long pants to stay warm. Most cruises will offer blankets and heaters to keep their guests warm. If it happens to be raining, consider bringing a rain jacket or umbrella, but also know that the cruise will have indoor areas to enjoy the evening from.

Joining a sunset cruise in Koh Samui is possibly the most exciting part of your trip. Use the tips above to make booking the cruise and enjoying it go as smoothly as possible. Koh Samui is an incredibly romantic island; what better way to enjoy it than from a lounge chair on a sunset cruise?

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