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How to get to hawaii on Note: Not all traders adhere to the breakout strategy. A very popular play is to buy or sell straight into a technical test. For instance, sideline bulls may have liked the outlook enough to already have bought themselves in on the low of bar 7 the very moment it touched upon the triple. This tactic differs strongly from our own but is not necessarily without merit. In fact, in this particular case one could argue that if an entry above bar 4 was valid but missed, the breakout trader, too, could now pick up an entry in the low of bar 7, so as to correct the mishap of missing his break at no extra cost. Although it is hard to battle the logic within this reasoning, any entry is always best judged in the light of the current circumstances. In that respect, before progressing into a flag pattern, the 5-6 cluster had shown the bearish features of an M-pattern middle-part. How to get to hawaii 2016.

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