How to get the best travel deals

Valued communication does not want to change the laws of marketing. It believes in the principle that needs which arc satisfied through consumption is important, rather than needs that are satisfied by the product itself.

Its difference from the classical usage lies in its being the launching factor in the estimation in the social consciousness. The catchphrasc of ethical economy is ethics makes it sold”. If we talk about our emotions and longings. wc need to modernize our ethical consciousness. When the good wins over the bad, our tears reveal our feelings. Unfortunately such stories have been shown in ihe virtual media. A valued communication on the other hand makes this happen in real life. Wc can experience the good in real life, too. For this we need ethical marketing and ethical economy including a valued communication.

For this to happen there Is one condition that needs to be met the people who are related to the message to be revealed must start off from their own ethics conscious ness. Whether this is possible or not will be discussed in the following chapter.

On practicing…

How to get the best travel deals Travel

How to get the best travel deals Photo Gallery

How to get the best travel deals Photo Gallery

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