How Anonymous is Anonymous?

You may have decided that you want to protect your identity with anonymity and decided to form an anonymous LLC. However, you may find yourself wondering how anonymous is anonymous? Individual’s desire privacy and anonymous LLC’s are designed to assist business owners in protecting their privacy. Anonymous LLC’s are created to prevent individuals from getting on the internet and finding a business owners personal information. They are formed to avoid stalkers and criminals from learning who you are. They are aimed at protecting company owners and to allow them to conduct business without having to deal with the bad parts.

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There are many reasons that individuals have legitimate reasons for wanting to remain anonymous. Abuse victims may not want the abuser finding them. Property owners may want to prevent tenants from bypassing the chain of command. Individuals that live in the public eye may want to limit harassment. Business owners may want to avoid third-parties from harassing both them and their families. Entrepreneurs may want to avoid having to explain their side work to their employers. Investors may want to experiment without having to explain themselves to existing businesses they have invested in. On the other side, maintaining public safety is extremely important. For this reason, anonymous LLC’s do not provide perfect anonymity. Here are the limitations that you need to know about when trying to remain anonymous.

First, the IRS will know that you are associated with the business. If you desire your anonymous LLC to have a bank account, you must get a FEIN. To do this, there must be a person or company that is responsible for controlling the anonymous LLC, and that has a valid Social Security Number, Taxpayer Identification Number or an existing FEIN. This information is supposedly kept private.

Banks are also going to know. Banks are required to know who signs bank accounts. For this reason, the person that is the signatory for the bank account is required to identify themselves when they open the account. Banks are required to keep this information private. For this reason, if you cannot find a service that is willing to do this for you without you having to be present at the bank, you may be dealing with criminals.

Contracts must be signed. For this reason, the legal name of the LLC is required to be listed as a party to the agreement. You must sign the contract when it is executed. The person that signs must sign and record their position within the company. You want to be sure that you do things to persevere your anonymity. For example, you can put member under your name and title and sign your name. You can also ensure that a confidentiality clause is included.

Finally, subpoenas are a limit to privacy. A court can issue a subpoena to find out who owns a business or a corporation. There is no way to prevent this from occurring.

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