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Houston zip code map on Those who understand the new market momentum and how it works will be able to adjust their expectations per trade as they see these tradable patterns come and go in the marketplace. A wise trader learns to recognize and exploit these patterns. Pattern recognition and how to exploit them will be discussed in a later chapter. 5C H A P T E R PREDICTABLE MOMENTUM In this chapter, we will discuss gauging the predictability of momentum and then discuss how other active traders attempt to take advantage of that momentum. Although this is not meant to be an endorsement of those methods, it provides the reader with an understanding of what other active traders are doing and why stocks react the way they do. We do this just as a professional football team studies the tapes of the competition to understand how their actions will affect the game as a whole. Specific methods on how to exploit predictable patterns and momentum will be given in later chapters, fully explaining the Mtrader methods. Houston zip code map 2016.

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