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The same conception of eternity and terminological usage is found in Origen. In his extant Greek works, avi dioj is almost always used in reference to God, whose eternity is absolute: God’s power, divinity, kingdom, existence, mercy, etc., may also be designated as avi dia. As in the Bible, aivw,nioj means eternal in the absolute sense only in the relatively few instances in which the term is applied to God, Houston Map Tourist Attractions but when Origen is not quoting Scripture, he is more likely to employ avi dioj in these contexts. Aivw,nioj also refers to the life to come, without focusing on its eternity, and can be applied as well to the series of aivwnej that precede the true eternity.

Origen’s idea of a succession of aivwnej is very different from the Stoic one, because in his view each of them does not at all repeat the events of the former ones by necessity and Fate, but it is different from all others and characterized by the free decisions of the rational creatures. Moreover, contrary to the Stoic conception, the succession of aivwnej will come to an end in the telos, when the complete apokatastasis will take place, and all will finally participate in the absolute eternity avi?dio,thj of divine life. This idea of the participation of all in the absolute eternity of divine life in the apokatastasis is taken up by Gregory of Nyssa. In his writings we find a pre- dominant use of the philosophical adjective avi dioj, in comparison with aivw,nioj, which is mostly confined to scriptural citations and reminiscences. Indeed, Houston Map Tourist Attractions Gregory is the most philosophically minded of the Cappadocians and, along with Origen and Augustine, of all the Fathers.

In his writings, avi dioj is used very widely, in reference to God, the Trinity, and its eternity a parte ante and a parte post. Characteristic of his usage is C. Eun. I 9,4, where, in reference to the Son, avi dioj is made to correspond to avge,nnhtoj and avteleu,thtoj: for eternal means ungenerated and imperishable. Gregory, like Origen, Houston Map Tourist Attractions uses avi dioj fairly frequently also in reference to the eternal life that awaits humans by the grace of Christ and that is thus characterized as endless; avi dioj indicates also the eternal joy that is proper to eternal life. In Or. cat. 16,63, zwh. avi dioj is considered to be a gift that was awaiting us from the beginning and to which we ought to return; it is identified with God and Christ himself in C. Eun. II 1,536. The avi dioj life of God is that which traverses the aivwnej ibid. II 1,457, and the life of God itself is that in which the blessed will participate. In Hom. Cant. GNO VI 69,3 it is promised to humans that they will endure for eternity pro.j to. avi dion, together with him who is forever avei. o;nti. The examples could multiply.

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